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Increase your Sales with the Ticket Bundles!

We’ve released another cool feature that will launch your event into Space. You can create ticket packages within your event that are completely independent of individual tickets. Read on to see what it is specifically, how it works, and why it’s cool.

So what are these “bundles”?

Each event offers visitors a choice of ticket types and other products, such as “Basic Ticket” or “Parking”. Visitors can simply choose their ticket type and buy it at the price.

But what if I want to allow the visitor to buy more things at once and get them at a better price? So I create a bundle from existing tickets and set it up according to my needs. After opening each item in the bundle, visitors can read the descriptions of those items to be absolutely sure of what they’re buying.

You can therefore create a more profitable bundle and boost your sales. You can also use them in a widget on your website, so you don’t have to redirect visitors to our site.

Bundles examples

  • 2+1 free tickets

  • Ticket+Parking+Camping

  • VIP ticket+VIP camp

  • Ticket+Drink+Popcorn

  • Ticket+T-shirt+Badge

  • Ticket+Shower+Towel

How do you create a bundle?

If you want to use the bundles, please contact Alfred ( who will help you create them. We are still working on improving them and soon you will be able to set them up in your Workspace without our help. But until then (and after, of course), you can write to us and we’ll ask you for details.

What info do we need to create bundles?

  • The name of the bundle

  • Its description

  • The period of sale (e.g. from 1.10.-1.11.)

  • Price (+possibly in another currency)

  • Which products do you want to include in the bundle (However, these products must already be created)

  • Whether you require the name of the ticket holder

Why are the bundles awesome?

As we know, people like to buy at a discounted price. If they see that they can get a better deal in a bundle deal, it makes it easier for them to buy. Often they will also get products or services they were not originally interested in. The bundle is understandable and contains all the necessary information so the visitor can navigate it well. Of course, some services (showers, refreshments) are also sold at the event itself, but finance is certainly useful also before the event. Plus, there won’t be any unnecessary queues to pay for these services on-site. And that is great, right?

And what are the plans for the bundles?

As we’ve already written, you’ll soon be able to create bundles in your Organizer Workspace on your own. But we are also working on so-called dynamic bundles, where you can set up categories of sales (e.g. admission, refreshments, parking, camping) and define options for them. The visitor then gets to unroll the categories and choose what their heart desires. In dynamic bundles, you don’t need pre-created tickets and products, you just set them up straight away.

You’ll learn about everything in time to get familiar with the new features and use them straight away for your events.

So get in touch if you want to take advantage of the bundles and we’ll be happy to help. Also, check out our other blog articles for more info on our services, or head straight to the BOOM Events website 🙂

We got you covered, thanks! 🙌

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