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Quick, concise, clear: how to start pre-selling tickets in 3 steps?

From Workspace - the page you reach after registration - you're just a short step away from launching the presale. There are just 3 steps to take, for which we'll give you some extra tips in the following text. This is to make starting your presale as easy as possible.


1. Create an event

The quickest way to create an event is via the purple button in the middle of the page or in the top right corner.

The first thing you need to fill in is whether it's an online or offline event.

Next, you need to come up with a title for your event, a catchy description, an address, a date and a period in which tickets will be on sale.

​💡 Tip: If you can't come up with a catchy title and description for your event, try using the ChatGPT tool for inspiration. You can use ChatGPT to help you find the right text for your event.

Finally, select images: one as a preview of the event on the web and one as a preview on social media. A professional photographer and graphic designer will help you create the best images. But sometimes you have to do it yourself - in which case you have a few options:

  • The free tools Canva or Visme offer thousands of image templates, to which you can easily add text and other visual elements.

  • If you're giving a lecture, even a simple photo of the speaker taken on a mobile phone should do the trick.

  • You can use freely available illustration images in photo banks like Unsplash or Pixabay or in paid image banks like Shutterstock. But do a good job of choosing. Internet audiences often have developed a blindness to overly stylized photos.

By including the name and date of your event in your event photo can help your ticket sales significantly. This way, the visitor immediately knows when the event is taking place and whether he / she is free for that day.


2. Create a ticket

Once you have chosen a suitable name to add to your ticket:

  • description

  • validity (e.g. ticket for the first day of a multi-day event)

  • period of sale

Do not forget to fill in the price (including VAT) and the quantity of tickets you are putting on sale.

To avoid buying tickets in bulk, fill in how many tickets can be purchased in one order. This is also related to the possibility of mandatory inclusion of the name on the ticket. If you choose it, the ticket becomes non-transferable after purchase.

Other advantages of name tickets:

  • Better control of attendance, prevention of unauthorized entry

  • Prevention of ticket forgery

  • Faster on-site check-in


3. Get the event out into the world and tickets on sale

Once the event and tickets are created, pre-sales are launched and your visitors can start shopping. Of course, if you've set a ticket sale period of one month from today, you won't be able to buy tickets before then - it's good to keep that in mind.

​❗❗ IMPORTANT: In order to let people know about your pre-sale, it is absolutely necessary to copy the link to the pre-sale and share it with your fans and potential customers through all available channels (social networks, mailing, SMS, etc.).

There are two other features in Workspace that make pre-sale sharing easier, which you can read about below.

A) Connect page

Social networks will help you spread your newly created event. On the Connect page you can post it via any icon. Simply click on the icon and a preview of the post will be created. Just add some catchy text and you can instantly publish the event to your profile.

The Connect page can also serve as your main sales page for when you don't have your own website.

However, if you're only running a pre-sale for a single event, then a visually nicer solution may be to simply copy the link we write about two paragraphs above.

B) Order Form aka Widget

Social media and the Connect page aren't the only places your visitors can buy tickets through. Many of you have your own website as well. And it's through it (and our order form - the so-called widget) that you can significantly increase your sales.

How can I put the widget on my site?

You can see a preview of the widget in the menu under the "Edit appearance" tab.

Here you just need to select an event, a color template and click on the button "Get widget."

The procedure for embedding the widget to your site is as follows:

  1. Open the HTML editor in the web environment your site is running on.

  2. Find the place on the page where you want to insert the widget.

  3. Copy the widget code and paste it into the desired location on the site.

  4. Save your changes and check that the widget displays correctly on your site.

If you are not experienced with HTML yourself and do not know how to insert a widget, it is worth asking your webmaster for help.

Further steps and information you may find interesting ⬇️

Identity verification

Verifying your identity is the last administrative step Workspace requires of you. It's also how we make sure we can safely send you the money you make from ticket sales. And it gives visitors the promise that they won't lose their money. So don't underestimate this step.

Which documents will you need to verify my identity?
  • ID or passport

  • A bank statement with the account number and owner's name clearly visible

We can usually process identity verification within 24 hours. You will receive an email from us once it has been successfully completed.

What if something goes wrong?

In this case, we are ready to help you. In most cases, identity verification fails due to incorrectly selected documents or poorly readable data.

Is it safe to share personal documents with sensitive data?

You can enter the data directly via your BOOM Workspace. All data is stored on secure cloud storage, meeting the highest security standards. So the short answer is yes :)

Check-in on site

Additional features

We got you covered, thanks! 🙌

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