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We Have a New Feature: The Cash Desk!

At BOOM Events we want to constantly evolve and improve, there is no doubt about that. We want the organizers to have a simpler organizing experience and therefore listen to your feedback. And one of them was adding this feature: The Cash Desk! How does it help with ticket sales and analyzing data of your event?

What is it exactly?

Let’s put it simply: “Cash desk” will help you sell tickets at the venue of your event. Certainly, you sell a lot of tickets in pre-sale and online. But still, there are people who were not sure whether to come to the event and had to buy the ticket at the last minute. If you want to include these sales in the sales report and look for a simple way to sell tickets on the spot, this function will be there by your side!

Where can I find this feature and how to use it?

Once logged into your organization account, you will find this function on the left side of the dashboard. After clicking on it, you will see that its use is really easy: click on the ticket type, add the amount and you can also add a discount code. If you want to know the visitor’s name and email (for example, for further contact regarding future events or to send photos from the event), the form is located just below the type of ticket.

Then you can conclude the purchase and send these tickets to the email of your client, or you can directly print them.

What are the advantages of this feature?

Once you create an order, these sales will be automatically added to your analysis and you can therefore have them in the overall evaluation of the event. In the analysis, they will be clearly separated from tickets sold online and you will see that for tickets sold through our cash desk, we do not require any fees!

The Cash Desk is now released, and you can certainly check it out and let us know how to improve it! We look forward to your next experiences and events 🙂

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