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Why join us?


Reduce costs by up to 30%

Using our service, our partners save 30 % on average of their ticketing and marketing costs.


Save your time

Our platform saves you up to 50% of the time you would otherwise spend on complicated setup or searching for answers in the help section. Our service is easy to use and understand.


Get the whole team involved

Invite your colleagues and work together. There's no need for lengthy training, our platform is easy to use and anyone can do it.


You have all the data

All data is yours.
We're happy to help you get the most out of it so you can not only understand your customers, but also create better experiences for them.


Integrate other services

Integrating third-party services into the platform is a way to make the most of the best tools. What's more, we're constantly expanding the list of supported services.


Be visible

Your event and brand must be seen. This is our policy.
With our platform, you can work effectively with customers, attract new ones, or even use your own website to sell tickets.


Go out into the world

Are you planning to attract a foreign audience, or even hold an event abroad? BOOM Events is the ideal partner. We can speak multiple languages and accept money in multiple currencies.

Setting up events and creating tickets

Unlimited number of users in Workspace

Own sales website

Essential reporting and analytics

0,1 €/£/$  from each sold ticket (+VAT)

Sales form for your website

Customer service

2,5 % from each transaction (+VAT) 


Available for everyone, anytime.


Online marketing campaigns (on demand)

System integration

Data analysis and reporting

Providing comprehensive on-site check-in

Turnstiles installation

Discounted online marketing campaigns

Mobile internet via Starlink

More services according to your requirements

Accounting reporting

Look in your brand colours

​All features of the basic plan


Tailor-made for your business.


Custom pricing


Not a fan of hidden fees? With our simple pricing you always know what you're paying for.

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