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Check-in Tickets with your Phone in the iOS App!

BOOM Events is coming up with another new feature that will make the work of organizers easier, whether it’s a concert or a theatre performance. Because we listen to your needs, we’ve worked on being iOS-friendly. That’s why some of you will be pleased to know that our check-in app is now available in the App Store.

How do I get started checking in with my Apple device?

  • Log in to your organizer account

  • Create an event at

  • Sell tickets online and with the lowest fees on the market (only 2.5% + 0.10 EUR per ticket)

  • Download the BOOM Checkin app from the App store

  • Log into the app

  • Browse the app and sync your data

  • Scan visitor tickets easily

What does the app bring you?

The app can turn your iPhone or iPad into a check-in device in a split second. You no longer have to carry two different devices; even with your mobile phone, you can get an overview of the visitors in the area whenever you need.

Is the visitor ticket valid? How many visitors are currently inside? How many have already left the area?

In addition, you can use an unlimited number of phones in the same way, so in the event of a large crowd, you can reinforce the forces at the entrance with just your mobile phone.

The app is already looking forward to seeing you. Download it and start checking in within seconds. And in case you prefer Android devices, we’ve had the app ready for you on Google Play for a while now. Together, you can turn up to 98% of mobile phones into check-in devices with our app.

Visit BOOM Events to find out how we can make your job easier when organizing cultural or sporting events. And if you happen to be stumped, there’s always Alfred who will be happy to help you 🙂


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