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Earth Day is Here: What Eco-Events Can We Organize?

On Friday 22.4. we celebrate International Earth Day, which reminds us of the struggle for better climatic conditions and more accommodating behavior towards our planet and shows us that an individual’s attitude can help society. This is a great opportunity to show you do not ignore the threats of climate change. Choose some of these ideas and create an event with a positive impact!

About the Beginning of Earth Day

The first celebration of our planet took place in the United States in 1970 after activist John McConnell proposed the establishment of Earth Day at a UNESCO conference a year earlier. On April 22, a large environmental education event took place, which helped establish the tradition of this day. Since 1971 Earth Day has been organized by the United Nations.

In 1990, the rest of the world joined the USA. In the introduction to this article, we also included the unofficial Earth Day flag created by the aforementioned John McConnell. Lovely, isn’t it?

How can I contribute to Earth Day?

This question certainly flows in the heads of countless people watching the climate crisis and fearing for the future. It is great to celebrate Earth Day, to take part in educational events or protests for more friendly legislation, but we should not limit ourselves only to 22 April. That’s why we decided to come up with a few ideas for environmental events that you can organize with BOOM Events and contribute to as well. So let’s get to it!

Educational workshop

This is certainly a great idea to start raising awareness of the climate crisis, which involves many sub-issues. If you are not an expert in the field, you can turn to professionals who are familiar with the issue and will certainly be happy to help you educate others. There are many topics: Food or plastic waste, fast fashion, zero-waste, the future of transport, or the rising temperatures and the dangers they bring.

If you want to involve children, schools will certainly appreciate the active workshops, where children could try things out for themselves.

Today it is possible to organize a webinar where different guests discuss the issues and try to reach a common solution. BOOM Events has great support for online events, so don’t be afraid to try it out!

Waste collection

Set aside time at the weekend or after business hours and organize a cleaning group that can go to nature or the city and collects garbage lying around. If you want to organize this event, it would be great to reach local companies or schools, so the event would be attended by more people and the impact would be much greater. However, it does not have to be a large group, even a small number of people can do a lot. We definitely recommend taking pictures of your results and sharing them on social networks or sending them to local newspapers. The inhabitants of the area will realize how much garbage affects our lives and next time they will (hopefully) not throw them away and recycle them.

Planting trees or other plants

We know vegetation helps in many ways, so why not plant more? In addition, the green color calms the nerves, so it’s a win for both parties. However, we need to find out more information for this type of event: Where can we plant, which trees are suitable, what amount is best, etc. There are many organizations today that deal with plants, so you can contact them and ask for cooperation on events, just check out your local NGOs.

Wardrobe exchange or flea market

People usually have a lot of things at home that they no longer use, but could serve others. Today we are struggling with fast fashion whose production and fast consumption contribute to mountains of waste and poor working conditions, especially in Asia where most of our clothing is made. By organizing a flea market or a wardrobe exchange, we will ensure a longer service life for some items, and we also do not have to buy another new thing to fill our shelves.

You can collect the products in advance and then sell them during the event, or you can invite all participants to bring things directly to the event and either exchange them for another one or sell them there.

We do not need indoor spaces for this, you just need to secure an outdoor place that could attract more people. But you should find out what permits you need for public events, so you won’t get surprised when anything happens.

Workshops to create useful things

This type of event can provide great fun in creating things that are often sold in non-recyclable packaging. Solid shampoos, soaps, cloth bags for vegetables or bread, make-up swabs, cloth wipes instead of paper ones… the list is long! Choose your own item, study the production, buy the material and that’s it. Then all you have to do is invite the participants who are not afraid to get a little dirty or stick a needle in their fingers and you are taken care of for a great event that has a big impact.

It is also possible to organize this event online, where participants can buy their own material and then turn it into something useful with your help.

Challenges for a specific time period

Ride a bike to work, skip vegetables wrapped in unnecessary plastic, spend at least an hour in nature every day…

Create an event that will change a part of our lives over time and thus have a positive effect on nature and the climate. An event on Facebook or a hashtag that will support the challenge in order to create a community of people with a common interest and goal can also work well. The most ideal option would be for the participants to continue the challenge after it has ended. This possibility is quite probable, as they would have already developed a habit that is beneficial not only to them but also to the planet.

These are some of the ideas for Earth Day events, but they don’t have to be limited just to this day. Of course, there are no limits to creativity, if you have another idea, be sure to share it with us!

So let’s contribute to the health of our planet, which needs every helping hand. Thanks to BOOM Events you have the organization and promotion of the event solved, create an event and we can start 🙂


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