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How to Promote your Event on Social Media

Are you organizing an event or are wondering how to attract as many people as possible? Social media is surely one of the best ways how to spread the word about your event. Read our tips on how to use them for your event’s promotion!

Publish your event on Facebook as a public one

You simply can’t do without creating an event on Facebook. It gives you the opportunity to precisely target your group, entice them to the event and find out what their expectations are. Don’t limit yourself to only text on your event page. The best way to attract attention is with a short video in which you present the event, or with interesting graphics.

Keep the audience informed

Once you have attracted attention, you also need to keep it up and even increase it until the date of the event. Some good practices about content on your Facebook Event Page are:

  • Reveal the program of the event gradually

  • Prepare some surprises

  • Regularly share news, interesting facts or moments from the preparations

It is all about the participants who don’t forget the event and will actually attend. The most common mistake when promoting an event on social media is the creation of an event well in advance, followed by a long pause without new posts. During this pause, a lot of people will forget about the event, make other plans, and you will lose potential customers.

Adapt to your budget

In order to reach as many people as possible for the upcoming event, you can make use of paid promotion on social media. The algorithm will ensure that your event reaches a large number of individuals in the target group. But if you don’t have a budget for paid promotion, it doesn’t matter. What could you do in this case?

  • Search for Facebook groups that bring together people who might be interested in your event, and share your event there.

  • Share your event with friends

  • Publish your event also on your profile and/or company page.

Combine several platforms

Facebook will be crucial for you, but it doesn’t have to be by far the only platform you will use. Combine multiple social networks to promote your event, based on which target group you want to reach.

  • Target aged 15-30 ► Instagram is the key

  • Teenagers ► Tik Tok will work great

  • Professionals ► LinkedIn

Whatever social network you choose for your event promotion, always try to empathize with your target audience. Communicate in their language and try to meet their expectations.

Use great online ticketing

Whether your event will be well attended is undoubtedly determined by how easy it is to get tickets. Nowadays, few people would travel through the whole city just to collect or buy tickets, they would rather not go to the event at all. Online ticketing and QR or digital ticket access are crucial today. Many platforms can offer you these services but be sure you choose one that offers you more than just selling your tickets online.

Sure you won’t mind now us to promote ourselves for a little moment 😉Use BOOM Events as your ticketing system and get the hang of our great features for the lowest commission.🚀

Keep posting during your event

While you will be enjoying the great attendance at your event, don’t forget to document its course and share it on social media.

  • Make use of live broadcasts on Facebook or Instagram and InstaStories that people will share

  • Create your own #hashtag for your event and you will maintain a compact online conversation

  • Install a simple photocall where the attendees can “show off” by posting on social media their presence in your event

The purpose of doing this is to leave a mark and attract new faces to the next event … because following the success of “this one”, you should surely do it again ✌


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