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Order Chargebacks in Your Control

It is important for everyone that you have your event under total control and do not have to contact us at all. Therefore, we are adding options to Workspace, thanks to which you will not spend time with us exchanging emails or calls. You just do it yourself and that's it.

Now we're talking specifically about refunding your ticket orders: You get a call from a visitor who says they bought tickets by mistake and would like a refund. Now you can do it yourself after a few clicks, saving time that you would otherwise spend communicating with us. (And even though we try to answer you quickly, sometimes we just get busy)

Check out our tutorial:

Event overview > Selected event > List of Orders > Order number > Refund order

We will then refund the visitor and everything is settled. Do you have any additional questions? Contact our Marianna and she will be happy to answer you.


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