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REBEL REBEL: Creating Great Events Out of the Big Cities

It is proven. You don’t need to live in a big city to organize good and high-quality events.

Alcázar de San Juan

Alcázar de San Juan is a city and municipality of Spain located in the province of Ciudad Real, an autonomous Castilla–La Mancha community that has around 30 thousand inhabitants. Not such a big one, right?

Well, what about if we tell you that you could enjoy outstanding live music there. Yes, and we know who to blame for that. They are rebels. Rebels that are dedicated to bringing high-quality musicians and entertainment to their beloved town.

Would you like to know more about it? Just keep reading and get to know these crazy-about-music people who, by the way, manage their events at BOOM Events❤️‍🔥

Rebel Rebel Alcázar - your new concert hall

Just renovated, Rebel Rebel has turned into a modern-high-quality concert hall and pub in the heart of Alcázar de San Juan.

By the time we are writing this post, Héctor and his team are holding a great Music Festival called CICLO CLOSE TO ME OTOÑO to celebrate their re-opening. 4 live great artists' performances:

  • Chucho - 7 Oct 2022

  • La bien querida - 21 Oct 2022

  • Apartamentos Acapulco + Sugarcrash - 4 Nov 2022

  • Ángel Stanich - 25 Nov 2022

It is proven. You don’t need to live in a big city to organize good and high-quality events.

What’s the secret?

Let’s meet Héctor, part of the team that is making this city feel proud of hosting good events. Because this is always teamwork. Isn’t it, Héctor?

How did the idea come about?

We can talk about two aspects. On the one hand, the crisis, on the other, my brother-in-law “Pepe”, who today is our programmer.

During the time of crisis, I was forced to try the hospitality industry and it was a world that attracted me. After stabilizing myself, I saw the entrepreneurial opportunity of my life in this sector.

On the other hand, Pepe is a great lover of music, especially independent music. He already had previous experiences with his local "Moma", which was a symbol in the town.

Rebel Rebel was born from the combination of wanting to undertake in the hospitality industry and the love of quality and independent music.

What is your target audience? Who are you addressing?

Mainly two types of public. On one hand, the one that seeks musical differentiation and sound quality, as well as differentiating activities. On the other hand, those who seek quality in the product and service.

Best of all is that this mixes wonderfully. A great harmony is formed. Those looking for music discover quality hospitality, while those who come for hospitality reasons discover good music.

Is it so difficult to organize festivals like this outside the big cities? What are the limitations that the size of the city brings to your events?

It is always difficult to organize an event and there are always obvious risks of failure. When you play with a small venue in a small town, mistakes are magnified and making them can be very expensive, that's why planning is done months in advance and a prior study is done to see the impact of the groups. Unlike large cities, we have to attract the public in some way, we do not have a target audience of millions of inhabitants, here there are barely a few hundred thousand in the region and we have to carefully select the profiles of the artists to get people out of neighboring towns and cities and have them come to our premises to have fun.

On the other hand, I will say that we start with the advantage that our concerts are infinitely more intimate given the capacity, and that is one more attraction for those who enjoy music.

The place has been recently renovated. Is a well-prepared venue so important for this type of event?

You cannot compete in F1 with a Mini. If you want to position yourself among the halls you have to be competitive in all aspects. Spaces are doing really well and we want to be among them. You do not start building a house by the roofs but by strong foundations so that everything fits perfectly.

What makes you different?

We are pretty self-taught. Pepe bears the weight of events and it is he who decides which direction we should take. Perhaps part of our success lies precisely in the fact that we don't focus too much on what others do or just don't look for the usual. We like to trust our market studies and our criteria.

What do you consider has been the biggest challenge when planning or even executing this festival?

Our venue wasn't good enough before the renovation. The facilities did not allow us much. The greatest difficulty was designing the new space, thinking about adaptations for new artists and providing the public with a greater vision and coexistence of the spaces.

Once this was achieved and with the doors that the previous Rebel had already opened for us, proposing new festivals has been less complex than expected. Although our space was small, the artists left very satisfied and have always spoken well of us. We could say that they have returned the love we gave them.

Do you work with data when evaluating your festivals? What type of data do you use?

Data is always important. Analyzing data makes you more accurate in your future events. Everything here is planned around that data. Even the hours in which the building is closed before the event, or in which the sound test is carried out. We do special monitoring of the media, both online and offline, to see the segmentation of those interested in our events and to be able to attack more effectively in subsequent festivals.

What is BOOM Events' role in all of this? What do we do to help you improve your events?

With the renovated venue, the capacity has also skyrocketed. Managing a festival of 4 concerts with the current capacity implies having to manage around 1000 tickets and accesses, which is not easy at all. With the platform, we forget about this management and live much calmer. You do not need to be on top of the sale and still, you will easily and simply manage all the events at the same time. In addition, with the app, check-ins are fast and you avoid queues at the door and potential falsifications. BOOM Events even offers you data that you can analyze to test the success of your event or where you can improve.

What are your plans for the future?

To this I will allow myself to answer with a short answer:

Music and quality. Everything else will come by itself.

BOOM Events pride

We are entrusted with empowering organizers who decide to be brave and jump into their dreams. That is BOOM Events’ motive. Therefore we are excited that REBEL REBEL is one of them and that we can help with their growth and insights and simplify their processes. We surely have space for more innovative organizers, so if you haven’t created an event with BOOM Events yet, this is your chance!


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