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Teamwork within your Workspace

We all know it: Once the team works well, the workflows and miracles happen. And we want to give you that at Workspace. So let's take a look at what such teamwork can look like on our event platform!

Workspace: The core of your events at BOOM Events

You already know it by now. Your Workspace makes it easy for you to manage your events at BOOM Events. It is the core from where you not only create, set, and edit your events but also check their performances and even sell your events tickets through our Cash desk feature.

Making the most from your Workspace

But why should you do all that work alone? If you work as a team organizing your events, why not do the same within your Workspace? Let’s transform it into the best Teamwork tool so that you can focus on some other important stuff for the event.

That is why you will love the Users section in your Workspace.

  • See at a glance the list of users that are collaborating on your events.

  • Add/remove users, because needs and requirements might change at any time.

  • Monitor permissions, because this is teamwork and not everyone has the same duties and needs the same permissions and accesses.

How do you invite the team?

Simple and easy, as everything at BOOM Events:

  • Go to Organizer settings in your Workspace

  • Click on the Users section at the top menu

  • Add the new guest’s email address and set the user-level permission

What user levels can you choose?

At the moment there are three different tiers to choose from:

  • Owner - account contact person who has full access to the whole Workspace. Once you create a Workspace you become the owner, but you can set up more owners as well.

  • Member - full access to the whole Workspace. Ideal to help create and edit events as well as sell tickets through the Cash desk.

  • Cashier - access only to Events overview but can’t create or edit them. Ideal to help with Cash desk sales.

But you know we are natural-born learners and we always listen to our organizers, so this list can be expanded if demanded by organizers like you.

So… are you already adding your colleagues?

Everything becomes easier, faster and better when we do good teamwork. So, are you ready? Invite your colleagues to have access and deal with the work within your Workspace. Let’s rock your events with BOOM Events!


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