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The Walkie-Talkie: Event Manager's Best Friend

Organizers of large events have long ago discovered the advantages of walkie-talkies. However, it is only recently that organizers of smaller events have started using them. It is an easy-to-use, two-way communication system that allows simple and effective communication of the whole team. It does not require complicated installation, maintenance, or even lengthy training. As a result, the production team can effectively stay in touch over long distances. After all, trying to communicate by shouting across half the area isn't exactly great. 

Off the phones

Pulling out the phone, finding the right contact, then dialing the number and hoping the person on the other end will take my call? Sounds like an unnecessarily lengthy process. On the other hand, pressing a single button and being in contact with the entire production team? Seems like walkie-talkies were designed specifically for the needs of event managers.

When are they useful?

The best thing about walkie-talkies is that you can change their holders throughout the event based on what stage of preparation you're in. Are you building a venue and having multiple production teams? Coordinate them from anywhere. Are visitors starting to enter your event? Manage check-in capacity at the entrances from the other end of the venue. What about communicating with security or medical staff when needed? Again, walkie-talkies make it a simple matter. They greatly help at music festivals, concerts, conferences, and sporting events.

Is the purchase cost too high?

Smaller organizers are particularly reluctant to use walkie-talkies because of the high purchase costs. After all, the price of quality devices can run up to hundreds of euros, and buying several devices would be a tricky investment for the organizer. However, there is a solution to simplify the event's organization and simultaneously not cross your budget. Rent a walkie-talkie only for the days of the event and preparations!

Rent a walkie-talkie

The cost of purchasing walkie-talkies is not comparable to renting them. Organizers can rent quality devices from various companies for as little as a few euros per day. And the best part? You don't have to worry about setting them up or servicing them at all. You usually receive them already prepared for your event. Then you return them when the event is over. Suppose the next event is a year away. In that case, you don't have to store the radios anywhere for that time or worry about whether long periods of inactivity will ruin their durability. We have used walkie-talkies countless times in our events. We believe that even in situations where their use doesn't seem necessary, they can make the work of production teams incredibly comfortable and efficient.

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