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Tips for New Event Managers

If you are creating an event, it doesn’t matter if it’s a small concert, a cooking class or an excursion, depending on each sector and type of client, there is a multitude of tasks and details to consider.

Let’s have a look at some tips to follow in order to make the people want to come to our event and of course gain good profitability:

Create a great name for the event

You have to give it an eye-catching title, instead of “Marketing Course”, call it “Ninja Marketing”; instead of “Charity Party”, try “Summer Party, Limited Edition”. Spend some time thinking of a good title. Find an original name, even better if it encompasses the name of your brand with some extra information.

Choose your ideal cover photo

Arguably, this is the most important part of the event along with the title. If you need to hire a professional to design it, it will be worth it. A good image sells by itself. You can get the image to add all the details of the event, like a flyer. But be careful, don’t overload the image.

Give the event a charming description

Like the title, it has to be original. You have to make your audience fall in love. When they read the description of the event, they immediately have to think: “I’m going, no doubt”. For example, instead of saying: “We will learn how to cook healthy dishes with local farmer ingredients”, you can say instead: “We will prepare gifts for the senses using the natural resources that are born from this land”. Remember this: It is not what you say but how you say it.

Choose the event date carefully

It seems the easiest part, but making the event on an inconvenient day will ruin all the previous work. You have to take into account the type of event. Let’s see some examples:

  • A professional seminar or course → Thursday is usually the most convenient day, whether it’s morning or afternoon.

  • A cooking course → Saturday morning is a great option.

  • A party → of course a Friday or Saturday night, although if it’s for students, Thursday night is also used.

Everything will depend on what type of audience you are targeting. So you have to investigate the tastes and customs of your potential customers. On the other hand, make sure that some other events that could overshadow yours are not held at the same time, such as a concert by a famous singer that can capture your clients.

Give the ticket buyers options

Psychology is very influential here: a normal ticket is not the same as a VIP ticket. You can play with endless combinations of tickets to increase sales. For example, in ticket options you can change and use different names of tickets giving some features to each one created. We recommend that you give them simple and short names.

  • General ticket → general admission

  • Gold Ticket → jump the queue

  • VIP Ticket → back stage and free drink

Select the price range

The factor of great importance. The first thing you have to ask yourself is how much are your clients willing to pay for an event like yours. It can be equally bad to make it too expensive or too cheap: the price reflects the quality of your event. Also investigate the price of similar events, what is the purchasing power of your customers, how it works in the city where you are going to celebrate it, etc. Likewise, applying a good range price is a good way of reaching a wider amount of potential attendees and of obtaining a greater profit margin. For example:

  • General admission: 5 €

  • General + 1 drink: 10 €

  • General + 1 drink + raffle: 12 €

  • VIP ticket: 40 €

Remember not to give too many options, it is all about making it easy for your customers. It is important that the user can also choose the number of tickets they want to buy, being able to select from 1 to 10 for example.

Use the best ticketing platform

Naturally, you’ll need an online platform in which to sell your tickets. There are many on the market. Some of the stuff you should have to take into account to select the one that suits you best are:

  • Commissions charged → Make sure to choose a platform with fair fees

  • Friendly user interface → Make it easy for the attendees to purchase the ticket

  • Link to social media → Make it social

  • Digital Tickets → Lets customers have their tickets on the phone

  • Checking app → Use a dedicated app to control access to your event

  • Organizer Dashboard → It has to give you options to control the sales at any time, as well as edit anything related to the event

(Since we are here… allow us to promote ourselves a little 😉. Have a look at our platform to sell tickets with BOOM Events )

Promote the event

Where are you going to promote the event? Ask yourself which channels your customers consume the most: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. In addition, create a strategy; what messages are you going to launch, with what slogan, at what time, video or photo format? Also, consider whether you are going to do it organically, that is, without investing money, only publishing to your followers and by word of mouth, or by investing money in campaigns like Facebook or Google Ads.

Some ideas to accelerate the ticket sales

Some strategic actions that you can use in order to accelerate ticket sales can be:

  • Make a contest → Raffle some tickets for your followers on social networks if they tag two friends.

  • Early bird → Discount or present for the first ones to buy the tickets.

  • 3×2 offers → Give away a ticket for the purchase of 2.

So, before you tackle ticket sales consider all of the previously mentioned, plan and devise your strategy and put it into action. Above all, learn from each experience and draw conclusions that you will use to improve in the next event. But we will talk about this in another post.


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