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What are Technical and Non-technical (Hospitality) Riders?

When booking musicians, you will often come across terms such as “technical and non-technical rider”. But what do these terms mean, and what is the difference between them?

Technical rider

This is one type of performer’s requirement that grows in proportion to the band’s popularity. It includes the technical things that an artist requires for their performance. It tends to be tricky because you may need to cut more from your budget for some performers. The rider may include items like the obligatory LED screen, better sound systems and lighting equipment, flames or even a bigger stage! And these are added costs you may not have counted at the beginning. So watch out for it because you have to meet the technical rider 100%. We always recommend consulting with the event’s sound engineers.

Non-technical rider

Some performers include a non-technical rider alongside the technical one This is a list of requirements that do not need to be checked with the sound engineer as it is mainly to satisfy the comfort and needs of the performer. That’s why it’s also sometimes called a hospitality rider. What can be found there? For example: What kind of alcohol does the performer want in backstage? What will they eat? How many towels do they need? Do they need sparkling water?

This rider is not that important; nothing serious should happen if you can’t arrange 100% of it. However, for the performer’s satisfaction, we recommend that this rider be fulfilled to the fullest.

What does such a rider look like? You can find an example of a complete technical and non-technical rider here.

Is there any technical term you wish to read about? Let us know and we at BOOMEvents will be excited to write about it!


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