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What is the Easiest Way to Sell Tickets?

Whether it’s a concert, a theater performance, a wine tasting, or a dog beauty pageant, it’s up to you how successful your event will be. Every event is different and as organizers, you have to be prepared for everything.

One thing is certain. When you don’t sell tickets, everything else makes no sense. No matter how elaborate your schedule or graphics are… no tickets = no profit.

67 % of marketers who are behind festivals, concerts, and other events say that ticket sales are the most important part of any public event preparation – and almost two-thirds of them also consider it the hardest part!

When to start selling tickets? IMMEDIATELY!

Nowadays, customers are looking for information on purchasing tickets as soon as they find out about the event. If they don’t find this information right away, they won’t look for it again! That’s why you have to prepare the possibility to buy tickets first, and after that begin with the promotion. If you don’t, you will lose customers.

Ticket sales strategy: Look before you leap

Initial planning is something you should not omit. Due to the big role of ticket sales, you can’t afford to start in chaos. First of all, you have to clarify:

> Who do you sell tickets to? Who is your target and where can you find it? The whole marketing campaign, methods of promotion, but also the price will depend on that.

> How many tickets to sell? It’s not just about the capacity of your event. Will you make full use of it? Or will you rather choose a smaller number of tickets and raise the price? Especially if you are not sure that you can fill the capacity, it may pay off to give the impression of exclusiveness with fewer tickets.

> For how long will you be selling tickets to the event? Customers need some time to decide, but when there is too much time, they change their minds or forget.

> Ticket sales in the waves? And in how many? You know this: from March to April for 500 crowns, and from April until the time of the event for 750 crowns. If you do it well, you will convince customers “on the edge” – but be careful not to make the system too complicated or give too big discounts.

> Last-minute sales are more of a necessity. But sometimes things don’t go according to the plan, and you should have an ace up your sleeve: offers like “buy one and get one for free” can persuade customers to buy the ticket – they not only gain something of greater value but also going to an event with a friend is more comfortable than going alone.

> Who is your competition and when do they sell tickets? They might be the competition for you but it’s just another good event for your customers. Don’t force them to choose and check the competition first.

> How big is your budget? You can sell tickets even without the slightest investment, but paid advertising will always move you forward. Will you go for it?

Where to sell tickets?

If you’ve already thought thoroughly about your sales strategy, it’s time to start selling. But where? The vast majority of ticket purchases today take place online for several reasons. Not only is the sales process in this way logistically simpler (both for the seller and for the customer), but also, when the physical store is disabled, it offers a reliable solution.

But that doesn’t mean that physical sales don’t make sense. The best option, of course, would be to combine both methods. Thanks to Trisbee, you can accept contactless payments on-site and without a terminal, and at the same time sell tickets online on BOOM Events.

How to choose the best platform for ticket sales

When you choose which service to use to sell tickets online, you may feel a little overwhelmed. There is a lot of them, and they are all different. How to choose the ideal one? Just think of a few qualities that it should have.

Sales security comes first

While selling tickets, you must be sure that the transaction will be secure. You will save yourself and your clients all possible problems. Ticket sale online through BOOM Events is secured by an innovative payment gateway that will give you all the security you need!

Fast (and furious) ticket sales communication

Does your event start in a moment and you still have to catch up on selling tickets? No lengthy negotiation with a sales representative is waiting for you with us, you can click just a few times and start selling immediately.

Clarity = better sales

But ticket sales are not just about the payment itself. The whole process must be straightforward to understand the customer. When he gets lost in it and it is not clear to him what he is buying, he gives up.

The advantage lies also in the clarity for you. In the BOOM Workspace, you can immediately see how many tickets you have already sold. Moreover, controlling an entry to the event is much easier due to our ticket sales application.

Marketing and ticket promotion

You have thought out how you want to sell your tickets. You’ve considered all options for accepting payments. But how will you induce people to buy tickets?

Social media and event tickets

Social media is nowadays one of the best promotional channels. You can have a great reach on Instagram (don’t forget the hashtags under regularly published photos) and also creating events on Facebook offers incredible opportunities for ticket sales! Raise awareness, and share, and your customers will pass it on.

Remarketing: Try re-contacting your customers

What if your customer can’t afford the ticket? He tells himself that he will remember after the salary… and he will not remember. This is quite common, and events constantly lose participants this way. How to prevent it? Get contact details from visitors on your website (for example, in exchange for a discount) and get in touch with them – they will be happy to hear from you!

Exclusiveness: Lack of tickets?!

“Last few tickets left! Shop fast!”

Have you ever heard this? Probably so – this is one of the oldest business and marketing tricks. And one of the most effective, too. People feel that something scarce is more valuable. Together with time pressure, you tell the customer that he is missing a unique opportunity. And maybe it’s true…

After reading this article, you should be equipped with an arsenal of knowledge to help you start selling tickets. At BOOM Events, we try to accommodate event organizers as much as possible. We know that it is not always easy, and that is why we have set ourselves the goal of simplifying at least something for you. Try the BOOM Events ticketing platform, it is super easy to use and we have great features!


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