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How to Share My Event to Sell the Most Tickets?

BOOM Events is not a cultural overview or an information portal. For visitors to know that you have launched a presale, you must share the link to the presale you have created with us. Ideally, you should also embed the order form (called a widget) on your website and follow the other recommendations you will read about in the article.

1. Sharing the presale link - the exact procedure:

  1. Open the Event Preview and copy the link in the address bar.

The second option to get the pre-sale link is to use the Share button in the Events Overview menu when you click on any event.

2. Put the presale link in the Tickets field or the description of your Facebook event.

3. Re-share the presale link on your event's Facebook event, in Stories on Instagram. In short, everywhere you can. And do it regularly to remind your audience how to get the tickets.

4. If you are unable to add our order form (widget, see the chapter below) to your website, the Tickets section of your website can be modified to act as a link to BOOM Events presale.

2. Order Form aka Widget

Another option for sharing pre-sales is to place the order form directly on your website. This will allow visitors to purchase tickets directly through your website.

The biggest advantages of the widget

  • Better sales - when you allow customers to buy directly from your website, you save them the time of clicking through to the BOOM Events website, making it easier for them to buy and therefore more likely that they will actually buy a ticket in advance.

  • Brand credibility - if ticket sales are only on your website, you are reinforcing a sense of credibility with your audience. People online want three simple things: to buy easily, quickly and to be sure they won't lose their money. Thanks to the widget, you can easily take away the fear of buying from those customers who don't have a good experience with buying through an intermediary.

  • Easy interaction & customizable design - you can embed the widget on your website using a short HTLM code. In the preview, you can also choose font and background colors to match the widget with your website.

How can I place the widget on my site?

You can see a preview of the widget in the menu under the "Customization" tab.

Here you just need to select the event, the color template and click on the button "Get widget."

The procedure for embedding the widget to your site is as follows:
  1. Open the HTML editor in the web interface your site is running on.

  2. Find the place on the page where you want to insert the widget.

  3. Copy the widget code and paste it into the desired location on the site.

  4. Save your changes and check that the widget displays correctly on your site.

This is how the widget might look like on your site

If you do not have experience with HTML language and you do not know how to insert the widget, it is worth asking your webmaster for help.

3. Newsletters to your Fans

Don't underestimate sending out a link to the pre-sale to your fans, which

you have an email address for. The goal of the email is not necessarily to try to push your audience to buy. A cleverly planned campaign with good timing can remind fans regularly of your existence, invite them to future events, offer discount codes, etc.

You can find a list of email addresses of people who bought a ticket to your event in your Workspace with each order.

4. QR codes for posters

The vast majority of promoters, event organisers and other institutions that don't want to rely solely on online promotion still work with posters. If you are one of them, make sure that there is a QR code on the posters that links to the pre-sale.

Simply click on the "Share" button to download the QR code. Then all you have to do is sending it to your graphic designer to put it on the poster. People at bus stops and anywhere else will be able to buy tickets for your event instantly thanks to the QR code.

5. BOOM Events Marketing services

In addition, BOOM Events offers personalized marketing campaigns. If you are interested in a marketing campaign immediately, book a short no-obligation consultation for which we charge nothing.

And for more detailed information, here's another blog post Marketing for Events: How to Get the Most People to your Event.

Good luck with your event and hopefully, your tickets will be sold out after this post!


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