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Raffle: Why sell it in advance?

The raffle is a very popular program at events, often the climax of the whole event. It can be used to raise money for charity, to fund the event itself, or as a financial reward for the organizers.

How and why sell raffles online to make the revenue higher?

Let's take a look at a recent event that had great success through online sales at BOOM Events.

Case study

The event aimed to raise money to help foster families in the Czech Republic. It offered visitors the opportunity to buy raffle tickets and shared information about the prizes in advance. The price of each ticket was 45 € and 250 tickets were sold. The event thus raised 11 250 €, of which 76% of all tickets were sold in advance. The rest was sold on the spot using QR codes and the Cash Desk feature. The raffle participant sought out the hostess at the event venue who, after scanning the QR code (which was emailed to him after he bought the tickets), handed him the physical raffle tickets with the number for the draw.

Why is it advantageous to sell in advance?

This case study shows that 76% of all tickets were sold before the event. How did this help the organizers?

  1. They knew in advance how much they could expect to make.

  2. They didn't have to deal with a large number of payments at the event

  3. They used their organizational capacity for other purposes

  4. Visitors didn't have to queue to buy a ticket

  5. Instead, they could buy a ticket in the comfort of their own home with time to think

  6. Orders and payments are in one place, along with visitor contacts

  7. Thanks to the contacts obtained, organizers can send visitors invitations to other events

How to set up raffle ticket sales well?

Of course, you can always use the ancient method of selling on the spot but be prepared for the time and capacity-consuming money handling, possible chaos with the collection, and rush of visitors who want to buy as quickly as possible.

However, if you want to try a pre-sale, here's a quick guide on how to launch it in minutes:

  1. Register at BOOM Events

  2. Create an event

  3. Create tickets: For example, a ticket for 20 €, a ticket for 25 €, etc. In the description, you can write what the ticket contains and how it differs from the other one. You can also set the number of tickets and how many tickets a visitor can buy in one order.

  4. Add your contact details so that people can contact you and possibly check out your website or Facebook event.

  5. Share your event, either through the BOOM Events page or contact us and we'll create a sales widget directly for your website.

  6. Track sales data in the orders summary

How to draw raffle winners?

If you want attendees to receive a physical raffle ticket with a number you specify, use the charity method mentioned above. After scanning the QR code that the visitor receives in the mail after purchasing the ticket, you will hand them the physical ticket. This is a good method to use if you want to give visitors a nice memory of the event and you want to determine which kind of numbers will be chosen in the drawing.

Event ticket + raffle ticket

Of course, there is the option to sell tickets for the event and include a raffle ticket in the ticket.

What can this look like? Take a look at our sample image and set everything up within the ticket creation.

Do you need more advice?

We hope this article has helped you understand why we should move the purchase of raffle tickets online. However, if you're still not fully sure how to set up your event and how to arrange the ticket draw, be sure to get in touch.


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