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Simpler and Clearer Event Creation Process

Innovation is in our orange-purple blood. And this time, we've focused on the most important part of event organization: creating them. Up until now, we've been saying that you need 5 minutes to run a pre-sale. Now it's 3 minutes.

Go try it for yourself and if anything is still not clear, you can come back to this article for a full step-by-step guide to starting a presale.

1. Basic Setting

Clicking the purple Create Event button in the top right corner of your dashboard will take you to Basic settings, where all you need to do is fill in the event image and event name.

Then you need to fill in the date and time of the event and find the address of the venue on Google Maps.

Once you click the purple button, the event draft is created but we need further completion before it can be released to sales. And don't worry, no one will see it in this state anywhere yet.

2. Event Detail

The system will then take you to the Event detail. You can change the data you have already filled in (image, title, date, address) by clicking on the relevant information in the Event detail. Here we will also see the number of tickets sold, orders, etc. after the sale is released.

Before you can publish and share the event, some info still needs to be set up.

3. Event Settings

Under the Event settings button, you will see fields where you can add more information about the event. Right at the top, you have the option to add a social media image, which has a slightly different format than the image you've already uploaded.

In the event description, you can elaborate and nicely entice visitors to your event. You can add links, use different fonts, lists and headings. You can expand the window for writing the description to see all the information.

💡 Tip: If you don't know how to come up with a catchy name and description for your event, try using ChatGPT for inspiration. You can "style" the resulting text later to suit your needs.

Afterwards, there is the possibility to re-adjust the address and the date of the event. Save everything and under the top right button Preview on Connect we can see that all the information has been written into the event.

In the Sales Settings window you will find the option to adjust ticket sales. It is automatically set from the beginning of the event creation until the event itself, but this can be changed. If you sell out your event, you can check the Mark event as sold out option here and it will no longer be possible to sell the event's tickets. Once the time zone is set, save again and finish the last part of the Events settings.

Thanks to your Contact details, visitors can find out more about you, look up your website or ask for additional info, so be sure not to neglect this part.

Multilingual events

4. Tickets and products

Once you go back to Event detail, there will be a glowing purple exclamation mark next to the Tickets & Products button. Once you've set up your products, the exclamation point will disappear and you'll be able to publish and share your event. In the Tickets & Products overview, you will see all the products you have created and have the ability to further edit them. You can change the order of all items in the sales form by dragging and dropping them in the Tickets & Products overview.

Simple Ticket (or other services or products)


Bundle Plus

5. Publishing on Online e-shop and Sharing

Once you've created your sales tickets or products, the Publish on Online e-shop and Share buttons will turn purple. So at this point, you'll see a fully armed event on the Online E-shop (more info coming) and your visitors can start buying. Then all you have to do is share your event among your fans to spread the word and sell out your tickets!

So how can you sell your tickets?👇

Online E-shop

Order Form aka Widget

Further steps and information you may find interesting

Identity verification

Check-in on site

Additional features

And that's it. You've already spent more time reading this article than creating the event realistically requires. But we know that some things may not be obvious at first glance, which is why we created this article. If you have come across any ambiguities not covered here, you can certainly contact our lovely Marianna. Good luck with your organization!


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