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5 Changes for the New Year at BOOM

New Year is the perfect time for new beginnings and positive changes. And so we prepared something that will empower your events even more and bring you all the attention you deserve. So let's look at all the improvements one by one, shall we?

1. We are becoming an event platform🔥

We have shifted from a simple ticketing service to a platform that will offer you leading technologies to organize your event in one place. We will integrate third-party services so that you can cut organizing costs and time. You will find tools for marketing, emailing, data analysis, CRM, and many more. This way, you can organize your event much more easily and reduce the organizing costs!

2. We change our name from BOOM >>> BOOM Events

Simple as that. With our name, we wanted to state the sector we are working in, so it is clear to anyone who sees us.

3. The website domain is

Although we loved our previous domain at, it was time to move on. The new domain is the exact copy of our name and should help you find us more easily.

4. The Events page is gone

This is the change that will influence you the most. In a positive way though! What does it mean exactly?

The page where you could see all the events that were published with us will no longer be seen on the website. Instead, every organizer will get their own events page, where the visitors can see all the events of the specific organizer. It looks like this 👉.

Why is it a great opportunity?

  • It is your organization's own website, where you can build your own brand and make it look attractive to the visitors

  • If you want to share the link for all of your events, this is the one

  • This page will be customizable with time so you could make it yours soon!

And one important thing: You don't need to change any already pu

blished links you share online. We will redirect your visitors to the right pages💪

5. We have new colors and design

This is a change you probably noticed already, but if you didn't, here is a reminder! The

design is user-friendlier and easily navigable. The changes are visible in Workspace, our website, and Check-in App.

These changes are moving your events to a new level and we certainly hope you will use them to their full potential! Let us know if there is anything you don't understand or if you have any feedback.


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