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World Gin Day and Interesting Facts About It

Interesting topic for a blog post platform for event organizers, you may be thinking. But what would our events be without drinks, signature cocktails, and other liquid surprises? Well, since gin is becoming more popular every year among your event attendees, let's take a look at its origins and other interesting facts.

Where did it come from and why?

As it happens, gin was created for medical purposes. Many people think it was first "discovered" in the UK, but it is originally a Dutch drink, supposedly mixed by Francisco Silvio in 1550.

The gin came to the UK because of the Thirty Years War, in which the English fought the Spanish on Dutch territory. Soldiers drank gin before battles to calm their nerves (and it certainly worked). When the war ended, the soldiers brought the drink back to the islands, where it became so popular that employers used it to pay their workers' wages.

However, it was also still used for medical purposes and quinine was mixed in as an antimalarial element. Well, you can guess which soft drink has quinine as its base, right?

Which famous people are gin aficionados?

If you feel alone in your gin passion, here are some famous people who would have a gin with you (if some were still alive, of course): Queen Elizabeth II, Alfred Hitchcock, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Ryan Reynolds, Michelle Obama, Frank Sinatra, Madonna, J.K. Rowling and F.S. Fitzerald.

Need new gin recipes for your event?

Try to make your event extra special with new recipes and win the hearts of your visitors:

1. Tom Collins

60 ml of gin

30 ml fresh lemon juice

15 ml sugar syrup

 soda water

Gimlet coctail for your events

2. Gimlet

60 ml of gin

15 ml lime juice

15 ml sugar syrup

3. Martini

60 ml gin or vodka

10 ml dry vermouth

olive or lemon peel for garnish

signapore sling recipe for your event

4. Singapore Sling

30 ml of gin

15 ml cherry liqueur (e.g. Cherry Heering)

7.5 ml Cointreau

7.5 ml DOM Bénédictine

120 ml pineapple juice

15 ml fresh lemon juice

10 ml grenadine

a drop of Angostura bitters

pineapple slice and cherry for garnish

So hopefully you've learned a lot of new things about gin today and if you don't already offer it at your events, now you can with an explanation of its history and other interesting facts.

If you're organizing events and looking for pre-sales, be sure to check out our BOOM Events website, our other blog articles or give us your feedback. See you next time!

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