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Halloween: 7 Scary Facts from the Event Industry

Halloween is coming… and that brings new opportunities to everyone, who loves dressing up in costumes of trendy characters, eating weird-looking things that you would throw out the rest of the year, and getting their teeth destroyed from all the sugar.

As we love events, we wanted to show you some scary-looking/fun facts about the Halloween time of the year that might awaken in you the excitement for this fabulous holiday!

1. You can find Halloween festivals in

2. 47% of the US population will buy a costume for Halloween.

3. 13.5% of shoppers are inspired by the latest TV shows or movies when creating their costumes.

4. 12% look to the past for inspiration from old TV shows or movies.

5. 12% choose an outfit inspired by social media and memes.

6. About $3.6 billion will be spent on costumes in the U.S. this year.

7. 25% of Americans plan to organize or go to a Halloween party. But in Generation Z, that’s up to 43% of people!

So yes, some of the facts might be a bit alarming (especially fact No.6) but that is in the spirit of this holiday, right? So…, are you getting into the Halloween mood? Thinking about the theme for your party? Or checking out some events in your neighborhood?

You can just create one on your own on BOOM Events and start organizing the best spooky party ever!


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